September 2015: Palmac expands into the State of Connecticut with Atlas Copco  

October 2014:  Began a Joint Venture with OSAAP, Gmbh of Germany.  Utilizing OSAAP's unique CAD/CAM processes for Shadow Board and Foam inlay design and manufacturing.

September 2013: KolverUSA is sold back to the owners of Kolver S.L.r in Italy

July 2011: Blackstone acquires Palmac Tool Company

December 2010: Blackstone signs North American Distribution agreement with Koken Tools of Japan

October 2009: Microtec Systems, Gmbh is sold to Atlas Copco and Microtec Systems, LLC is devolved after a Branding agreement is signed with Atlas Copco

January 2008: Assembly Products becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Blackstone Global, Inc.

October 2006: Microtec Systems, LLC is founded in alliance with Microtec Systems, Gmbh

January 2005: Blackstone Global, Inc. is founded

June 2001: KolverUSA is founded

August 1995: Assembly Products is founded